Top 10 Latest Messages

Friend is One,Who. (F)inds U in a (R)ush of people (I)nspires u 2 do something in life,catch ur (E)motions and (N)ever leaves U till (D)eath
Soft Speech clean heart, peaceful eyes, strengthful hands, focussed mind and determined decision with Gods Love. Alway Makes you winner.
To make a loving pair. There's a joy just being around you, A feeling I we love to share. So best anniversary wishes to you
You are my air The sun in my day The moon in my night The spring in my step you are my everything. Good Night.
You`re Not Getting Older, You`re Getting Better My Fiiend Happy Birth Day.
Hope Your Birthday Blossoms Into Lots Of DreAms Coming True Happy Birthday To Yew.
Never Start Ur Day With Broken Pieces Of Yesterday, It Will Definitely Destroy Ur Wonderful TODAY N Will Ruin Ur Great Tom0rrow.good morning
Wishing u a day soft as silk….. white as milk….. sweet as honey and full of money. may all your dreams come true…. HAPPY BIRTH DAY....
With my 1 Heart... 2 eyes... 5 litre blood... 206 bones... I wish you Luck!
Congrats on the taking the leap! But the leash will be in her hands Best wishes for your marriage.Congratulation